Painter's Gallery


Karin Johnson. NSW

Turtle painted with Ochre & Black. Background

is air brushed.

Sandra De Leacy

Lustres-Lt Orange, Avocado, Midnight

Blue Violet.

Julie Maddocks. Qld

Landscape painted with Gold Coast China

colours of Australia range.

Sandra De Leacy

Lustres. Ird. Bright Yellow, Avocado.

Grace Lee. NSW

Geraniums painted with GCC Rich Pink.


Grace Lee. NSW

Wild Roses. GCC Rich Pink.


Erica Harrison. NSW

Wild Roses. GCC Rich Pink

Julie Maddocks. Qld

Painted with GCC Colours


Sandra De Leacy

GCC Colours. Lemon Yellow Strelitzia

Orange, Coral Gum. Background- Lustres

Flooded. Irid Bright yellow & Midnight Blue Violet

Sandra De Leacy

Painted with Colours of

Australia Range

Sandra De Leacy

GCC Lagoon Blue

Lustre- lt Orange and Tangerine Flooded Over

Shirley Rosenthal SA

Roses painted with Pink Boronia Colours of Australia.