How to


Flooding lustre on Frog ornament – Gold Coast China


After lustres were applied and fired, I painted the eye with black paint.  Be careful as black paint has a tendency to chip if applied too heavily.  2 applications for a deep colour tone are best.

Select colours you wish to use. 

Frog 1 – Forest Green sponged on – 2 applications firing in between.

Frog 2 – Light Green and Orange Lustre.

Technique – Frog 2: 

1.       Set each colour out in a dish and dilute with lustre thinner.

2.       Have a separate brush or sponge for each colour.  Also a brush for flooding Gum Turps.

3.       Very liberally brush Gum Turps over the piece – this gives the piece a “greasy” surface for the lustres to flow.

4.       Working quickly (before G.turps evaporates) brush or sponge lustres onto areas of porcelain.

5.       Now let lustre “do its thing”.  Tip piece from side to side allowing colours to merge and form patterns.   Fire 750-800.

You may need to repeat this process if the colours are not deep enough.