How to





1.  Divide vase into 4 even sides and tape off each side using pin stripe tape.

2.    On opposite sides, sponge on Silver Blue Opal and Ocean Blue thinned with 1 drop of turps in each lustre and also  sponge mirror lustre on sparsely.  Dry with a hairdryer to maintain the pattern that is produced.

3.    On the two other opposite sides, carefully sponge on Kingfisher Blue mixed with Lee’s Wet Grounding Oil.  Leave to dry thoroughly (overnight).  Remove tape, clean, and fire at 780⁰.

4.    Sponge on another coat of Kingfisher Blue as per above, thoroughly allow it to dry naturally, and fire again at 780⁰.

5.    The stripes are done with Nu Relief as well as the dots along the upper line of the pattern.  Fire at 780⁰.

6.    Paint Liquid Bright Gold on the stripes and dots as well as the rim and bottom.  Fire at 780⁰.  The gold will need two coats.

        By Anneke Schuck