Colours of Japan




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Transparent colours that intermix with each other and fire with a high gloss.

That is they can be mixed together to achieve a different tone OR double load on your brush.

The technique creates a slight raised effect

Mix with GCC Water Based Medium to a thick cream consistency and dilute with water to a consistency of “milk”.

Recommend to grind paints on a glass tile.

Apply with a No.5 or No.6 pointer brush.

Application:  Liberally load the brush and gently apply in a circular motion over the porcelain allowing the paint to run off the brush until the desired area is covered.

Note:  This was the method of application which was demonstrated to me in Japan but since then I have experimented with applying in long brush strokes with the pointer, sponging and using a long liner to create long lines – all with success.

Allow to dry before firing.

Firing Temp – 780deg.  Second firing 760deg.

These colours are a totally different colour prior to firing.

The paints are designed to apply as a solid colour rather than painting and shading.  But do experiment – try sponging

Applied as above, you should achieve a slightly raised effect on the porcelain.  The paint may “crackle” upon firing – this is just one of the effects of using this product if applied in the manner above.