Synthetic Brushes


Use of brushes for lustre work:

 It is very easy to contaminate your lustres (and most of us have done it).   Consequently, it is ideal to have a brush for each lustre colour.  Economically this is not always possible or desirable.   I recommend a brush for each family — i.e. a brush for the yellows/browns, a brush for blues, a brush for pinks etc. 

Each brush should be labelled.

Cleaning:   I clean my lustre brushes thoroughly after use—even if it is a brush kept for a particular colour or family of colours.   After use, wash out in Pure Gum Turps or Odourless Brush Cleaner. I keep a small jar specifically for cleaning lustre brushes and I replace the solvent in this jar regularly.   I wash the brush 4 or 5 times in the solvent and then once or twice in Methylated Spirits.  By cleaning so thoroughly, there is little risk of contaminating your lustres next time around.


These three sizes are excellent for masking or applying fine lustre lines

COMB Synthetic BRUSHES—2 sizes.  

This Comb Brush range of brushes have wide gaps making them excellent for texturing animal hair, grasses and many other textural techniques.           (1/4”  $13.20)     (3/8” 14.80)



SET OF 4 Synthetic Brushes in a blue wallet- Made from the finest quality Synthetic materials.  The handles are wider with 4 sides at the base making them easier to hold. Use for your general painting,   gilding,   lustrework—great to take to class. The set includes:  1/8” Sq Shader,  Liner, #1 pointer, #3 pointer




Bamboo Brush Roll.

30cm by 30cm.